What #HeadsUp managers do to transform themselves into leaders who leave a legacy

#HeadsUp leadership starts with learning to manage to engage

We know as a manager, if our team is ‘all in’ for us and our business or if our team is in and out the door as quick as possible each day. We know if our team members have quit and stayed or are staying with us all the way…

The art of checking-in not up!

Pamela Hackett masks up with a message of tools to help manage to engage
Manage To Engage — A Tool Kit for Leaders at Every Level

An interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks on his Inspiring Leadership Podcast & Video Series, is like an intermission in your own life journey. When you’re in a leadership role, anytime someone asks you questions that cause you to stop and reflect on how you lead, it’s a moment to pause and…

Confidence. The Great Engager

An Excerpt from the New Book Manage to Engage. How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results. Published by Wiley March 2021

Doubt stops us from taking action. It casts a shadow on the new project or new person. It stops people getting excited about the new technology you want them to…

Colin Thank you for taking the time to review my book. What an honor to have you read it. While it was a pleasure to write it's now made all the more pleasurable when I read your thoughts. You prove here that a person really is a person through other people!

An Excerpt from the New Book Manage to Engage. How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results. Published by Wiley March 2021

With the amount of travel I do (or did — pre COVID!), I’ve learned a lot about bad-hair days. And it’s the hairdryer and the decisions designers make (or don’t) that, from experience, has a lot in common with how we design work.

It is due to poor design choices…

5 Engagement Lessons To Take To Your Workplace

This week Fiona Czerniawska and Fergus Navaratnam-Blair of Source Global Research, a full service analytics firm focusing on professional services organizations, interviewed me to talk about my new book Manage To Engage, published by Wiley this past month.

In the podcast conversation, which forms a part of a wider discussion…

Big Box Consulting’s Obsession with Critiquing Management

Big Box Consulting Firm articles are always insightful and interesting. Usually filled with relevant data points and research that complements our Proudfoot boots on the ground consulting experiences and research. But occasionally, the Big Box articles provide more incite and rile than interest. …

My book summary inspired by poets

Pamela Hackett Author of the new book Manage to Engage

Manage to Engage — A Poem

(Listen to the Poem Manage To Engage)

When night comes we must ask ourselves

‘did we really engage our people

wisely, in this almost post pandemic world?’

The responsibility we carry.

A world we must create

where we prioritize people

and leverage our technology.

Because, we know that people power…

Boost Your Management Street Cred

“Stand back! I have Flying Monkeys and I’m not afraid to use them!” Remember the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz? Scary little creatures you need to dodge like low flying pigeons that at any time were intent on kidnapping and destruction. Woah… I dodged that one! Phew! Flying…

A peak into the spirit of the new book Manage To Engage

2Fs and 7Cs — the new engagement scorecard

You’ve heard it before; most transformations fail. You’ve also heard that your immediate boss has the greatest impact on your engagement. And you’ve likely heard that front line leaders have the greatest impact on your company’s results. …

Pamela Hackett

CEO Proudfoot | Author Manage To Engage | Podcast Host: Wrestling Chaos | Quote: Nothing moves until your people are moved | Superpower: Helping you move people

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